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Monday, June 20, 2011 '
Yeah! Yesterday was my birthday! I didn't go anywhere, but on 17th and 18th was A HELL LOT OF FUN!
Ok before that, on Comifest day 1, it's was damn. I went as Rin alone again, but I got a better wig and this time more people requested my photos. Then I met a damn cute len. He was shorter so he was like 'OMG why rin so tall, can squad abit?' Yeah I tot he was a guy but turned out to be a girl. ALWAYS HAPPEN.

On that night, my cousin from vietnam came. She's 2 years older than me. DAMN MOE XD Her glasses make her damn cute XD

So basically we just hanged out at shopping malls, went to zoo and bird park. I felt bad coz all the place I bring her she look damn sian one XD

On the 17th, I went out with Sarah and Goose to watch Kung Fu panda 2. IT'S MY FAV MOVIE FROM NOW ON~I LOVE THE ROMANCE!
ok, first, my addiction with animal romance started with g-force. But g-force, you can't tell really even tell who's the couple XD. Then, cats and dogs 2? Awesome! But they didn't even progress alot.

For KFP2, you know for sure the romance will progress in the 3rd movie XD I can't w8 for the 3rd one! In the movie, the first time the tigress and po hug was kinda awkward. The 2nd hug was damn cute XD Tigress was like O_O XD

Whenever there are these little romantic parts, I kept grabbing onto goose who happened to sit beside me. she was like damn scared(and sicked) of me doing that XD then when they really hug, i shove my head against her arm and she almost screamed.

The show was like damn funny lah XD I love shifu, shen, viper and crane XD I love how crane dropped his beak twice when tigress and po hug.

yeah on 18th nothing much bah, just neoprints, arcade, we played king of fighters XD I LOVE YURI SO CUTE~~~~~

Sunday, May 22, 2011 '
So long!
Nya nya, so long never update liao, was busy with mid-year exams even though I didn't really study XD

Everything is quite fine, pretty much obsessed with cosplay now, have quite a few plans liao, but will have to see if got money first XDXD

God bless me that my mid-year scores aren't too bad! Checking scripts tomorrow~

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 '
Hey guys! I entered a cosplay competition held by otaku house and I need your votes! In 2 simple steps only!

1. Like otaku house

2. Go to my photo link and like it!

Sure, you can be from other countries! Just please vote for me! You can vote for others too but please vote for meeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you!!!

Hey guys! This post will be about SOY'C! I attended Start-Of-Year Continues on Sat 9th April.

I'm not gonna post any photos! Instead I will say this:
Watch my music montage about Soy'c here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ra2Dn2vnH2s

Yup! So soy'c was really fun! First I had to go to my fwen's house to do my cosplay makeup. I spammed on the liquid foundation as well as loose power. The fake lashes I bought was really thick and long. On the taxi, I wore my wig and stuffs.

There were alot of cosplays too! There were 2 girls who took photo with me. 1 was another girl cosplaying rin and another anime character whom I dunno. Other photographers were males... Haha

It was held in Ngee Ann, and I guess thats why not many people went for soy'c. I felt that comifest was better- it's held in suntec near the city area and thus more crowded and lively. Ngee ann was too big...

Hehe I really have nothing much to post about... just can't wait for my next cosplay

Thursday, April 7, 2011 '
Random bullshit
Lol ok so I dunno what to post here. LOL. Mrs Rao today damn funny. She was complaining how princesses are dumb airheads and all they do is wait for prince charming. Haha. Then she say Dora is a good cartoon role model. Damn funny lah she. So we were studying the little mermaid and she showed us the disney cartoon. After the whole thing finish the featured video appear. It was a little mermaid makeup tutorial. Then she was like 'Hey we have 10 mins left lets take a look at this video' Damn cute lah she!
Tomorrow got sports carnival. I'm in archery. Dumbass lah. I hope I was still absent from school lol.

Monday, March 14, 2011 '
Goose's house
Lol today I went to gwyneth's house to do hw. (Actually to chat and crap lah)
Before that I had to meet to girl named Yivonn to collect my cosplay. LOL that girl damn cute leh! I can fit into her outfit but she's shorter than me. Either she really very pretty. After that we went to goose's house. She started putting the costume on her younger sister. So cute! Then when we do hw I was telling her how I dreamt of anime and always wake up and check the surrounding if anything abnormal happened. Also I told her how I actually really tried going to the digimon world. LOL! So funny she couldn't stop laughing.

So we were doing our maths. Question 4 was about pancakes and milk volume stuffs lah, then after talking crap with her again then I looked back on my wks and was like,'eh how come the pancake become helicopter' then I realised I was on the wrong page. Damn retarded lah, we two laughed like shit and goose's brother was like 'can you 2 stop silent laughing?' Haha!

So I finally got my cosplay! I actually can fit in XS! But my thighs are like damn fat so must slim. Do more squats! The shirt bottom quite short so can see belly fats too, so I must starve and excercise more!

Monday, February 21, 2011 '
OMG! Two months never use computer! My computer spoil so I have to buy a new laptop. I love my new laptop!

Yeah so just updating a little. Life have been pretty good.New members for Malay dance, Oh and for my cosplay plans, I already have enough to buy a kagamine rin cosplay, my mum is buying temari cosplay for my birthday and a hiyori outfit tailored from vietnam. Can't wait for cosfest and anime festival asia!

Sunday, December 12, 2010 '
STGCC 2010 11-December

Yo! Back with another post! With pictures again! So today is my ma's birthday, and we are gonna celebrate it from Q Anh later at dinner. ^_^ How nice of her. Okay but this post isn't about my ma's birthday. Not like I can find out what happen later. So this post is more about Yesterday's STGCC at Suntec.

I was going to catch a movie with Yan Shan and Gwyneth at Plaza Singapura. It's called Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale. But before than Gwyneth had camp and will only reach at 3pm so I went to STGCC with Yan Shan to take a look since it's not too far away.

It was around 2pm when we reached. There wasn't much cosplayers yet so I figured I would just hang around taking some photos. So the first one I took was Hinamori Amu and Mashiro Rima from Shugo Chara! There you go:

One of the most accurate photos I took. Even though Amu is not very accurate but I think Rima is really adorable! Just wondering why she's holding a X-Tama? And thanks for looking into my camera! This is the first time I just randomly took photos of a cosplayer and he/she pose for me. It's usually like others taking photo and I shun bian take... Haha

I managed to catch Orihime and Ichigo from Bleach after chasing them down the stairs. While this is one good example of me shun bian taking photos. See how they are not looking into my camera?

A full body shot...

Here's a kid cosplaying as Ichimaru Gin
Although he doesn't look like Gin I think he's really cute. *Pervertic Lisa grin*
When I first saw him I was going down the escalator to level 1 and he's going up to 2. When I saw him I was like OMG then cannot stop laughing. Yan Shan asked me what happened and I say:"Behind me" and she started laughing too. Not because he looked funny but that it's awkward seeing a gin cosplay when we both really love to talk about him.
Me stalking Amu and Rima from the back. For fun. Haha
Here a close sshot. Also a shun bian photo. Haha.

After that we went to plaza singapura. Had a hard time looking for Gwyneth coz she dunno how to walk to Plaza from the stations. God thing we managed to catch the non-3d movie on time. It was awesome. I think nowadays movies got lot's of romance and kiss scenes. Maybe next time got Cats and Dogs 3 movie it's not just animal romance any more, but kiss senes between animals....
Lol but I would pretty look forward to Catherine and Diggs doing inhuman stuffs like that. W8 they ain't even human in the first place. Haha
So thats all maybe tmr I will post about my ma's birthday. Still want my AFA post to be seen.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010 '
AFA X- Anime Festival Asia!!!!!
On 14th November 2010, I went to an Anime Festival for the 1st time! Well can't help it since I only started to get interested in anime this year. ^ ^". Well even though I find it really cool and awesome, many of my friends actually say it's not as good this year. I was wondering how can it even get better if I already find it so awesome.

There are lots of Vocaloid cosplay. I guess Hatsune Miku and the other vocaloid are really popular recently. I don't really like vocaloid. They ruined the original songs. All squeaky and high. But their original songs are pretty cool. Such as 'world is mine' by Miku and others. ^_^

Yeah so there are really cool cosplays from anime like Kuroshitsuji, Sailor Moon(funky! how cliche!), Bleach(Fan girl yell) and more!!! Here's a cosplay picture of Hirako Shinji from bleach.

Not bad yeah? But I think this cosplayer's smile is more sunny than cheesy. Can't really see his face but some how everytime I see Shinji I wanna smile. Same for a cosplay picture of Hirako Shinji. ^_^

Here's a cosplay picture of a broken doll/maiden, I guess.

Freaky!!!! I like her dress alot. I wonder if she made those prints herself? Or did she just buy that dress like that? If she made those bloody prints I think she's really creative! I love her makeup too!

So here's a lolita+kuroshitsuji cosplay photo

I know the pink dress girl cosplaying as Ciel Phantomhive had her face covered. But I still think their dresses are very elegant.

Oh and here are some Naruto cosplay photos.

1st up lets welcome Naruto and Sasuke! Yaoi fan girls clap!!!!

Haha joking about the Yaoi part. It's just that my friend Qin Wen was like screaming :"OMG OMG! YAOI YAOI HURRY TAKE PHOTO!" If I'm not wrong, Sasuke turned and stared at us. Scary. Qin Wen said these two kissed...

Okay Shinan's favourite character. HER Kakashi-senpai

OMG He looked right at me and my camera!!!!! So hot! I thnk you are hotter than Kakashi. Jokin jokin... You both are equally hot.

Okay now a group shot with a unknown(to me) Akatsuki guy and ten ten

And two ten ten photos. She looked right at me and my camera too!!! Although she doesn't really look like ten ten in the anime, I still think she is really adorable and has a sugary sweet smile. ^_^

Okay last and definitely not least, my favourite group of cosplayer, the zanpakuto unknown tales!

This is Tobiume I really really like cosplayers that are so kind to look into my camera and pose nicely. To me, cosplayers like this are the prettiest cosplayers.

This is Senbonzakura and Hebi of Zabimaru. So adorable! Even though Hebi's hair is a liitle of out place but his costumes acts like a positive sign on the battery!

Some group shots
Nice tail Hebi!

Random things the spirits does?

That's alot of photos! I think the purple ninja girl(I forgot her name) is the prettiest. She look so realistic! Muramasa is really really hot! Senbonzakura's mask is kinda too short for his real face but He still look great! Can you see Tenken at the back??? Sode no Shirayuki is really beautiful... Haineko can look alot better if she smiled. I know you look sexy by acting cool but Haineko is sexy because she has this really sexy smile. ^_^

A stamp prove that you actually been to the festival with tickets...

And lastly a photo of a Rukia's sword(Shikai: Sode no Shirayuki) that I bought at the festival

I really love it. Even though I don't like Rukia laot, I think her sword really is beautiful.

The festival was really wonderful. I went with Qin Wen and Huidan also Ruth Lian but I didn't really talk much to her. Hui Dan bought a Ichigo's Bankai Zangetsu sword! We wanted to enter the butler cafe but the queue was too long. But me and Qin Wen saw a butler at the back of the cafe passing a old plate for a new plate and Qin Wen was like :"OMG!!! HE'S SOOOO HOT!" Yeah he looked pretty good but I still like Sebastian....

There's a anime song karaoke and there's this bishounen that sang really well. When walking with Hui dan we heard this girl sing really loudly and Hui dan was like clapping:"Woah very nice very nice." in the sarcastic tone and I was telling her that I can sing better. I want to sing Hitohira no Hanabira. I ask hui dan to sing with me but she don't want. -_-"

So hope you like this post. It's really long. I took 1hour!!!!

Looking forward to next year's cosplay!!!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010 '
Long time!
Lol! It has really been a while! Exams are reaching in fact already. During the Sep holidays I went to watch cats and dogs kitty galore. It was really awesome! In fact I like it more that the 1st series in 2001! I like Diggs he's so funny and adventurous and I love his little crush on Catherine. My fav character is Catherine the cool cat. ^_^Yupp she's really really cool and 'immune' to love. I like that! I am currently A little not interested in bleach. But I like this neopets comic series called the faerie ruins. I like Brynn! She's just like catherine. Also Hanso is really hot! Love how he always tease Brynn. I think I read too much fanfiction and thats why I kinda feel weird to bleach. Similarly to Kung fu panda. I feel weird think about the relationship between tigress and Po after reading a kung fu panda fan fiction...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010 '
Cats and dogs
OMG! I am obsessed with this movie called cats and dogs the revenge of kitty galore. Mainly there is animal romance! First it was G-Force but I found the female guinea pig Juarez's spainish accent fakish. So I think I will like the female cat catherine more. There's this short video I watch online where the main dog diggs confess his love for cathrine. Kinda awkward but WOW!! I might be watching it tmr or sat. ^ ^

Wednesday, August 4, 2010 '
New blogskin
Lol!I just don't get why I keep changing my taste and blogskin. From a emo and depressing girl on the swing I changed to liking girls that fly in the sky with white feather wings. Now I like rocking cool hotties with black feathered wings. Hhaha


Sunday, July 25, 2010 '
First performance
My first malay dance performance! The sec5 seniors did the make up for us. One of the senior was like:"I will put 5 inches thick of foundation. When I slap, will have the drifting effect." I was like -_-" But the outfit and make was really nice! I love the performance and make up! I was really glad miss hajah was happy with the dance

Sunday, June 20, 2010 '
Mua's birthday!
Yesterday was my birthday. Did not have a party but hanged out with Huidan, Yan Shan and also Gwyneth. Siti did not come. Some people sms and invite them but never reply. Dunno why... First me and Yan Shan walked to Plaza Singapura and reached at 11.00am. So we went hanging around Basement 2 and made a prank call to siti. "Can we be friends? Sitiiii...." Haha I think she's hell shocked lah! But she figured out it was me after that. Next Huidan arrived and we went to have lunch at mcdonalds. Yan shan had hotcakes since she a vegetarian.Then we went to otaku house, comic connection and toy outpost. I bought a Ishida figurine from toy outpost for only $8.90! 2nd hand lah. Hehe. Then we went to play arcade since gwyneth arrive only after 2pm. Then we decided to watch toy story 3. We bought the tickets and I bought for gwyneth first too! My seat number was 12. HAHA mayuri's squad. While Gwyn's is 11, Kenpachi's squad. Huidan was 14, the arrancar squad and Yan Shan is 13, the Juushiro squad! Haha and toy story was really funny. I love jessie! I didnot know buzz actually likes jessie. ^_^" And gwyneth was like laughing so loudly, then in the end she cried. So emotional -_-"' After that huidan and yan shan went back first. And I hang around with gwyneth and the anime and manga shops. I bought another keychain of mayuri and nemu at otaku house. Then I bought 2 metallic sticker of yoruichi. Gwy was like you buy so many things. I also must buy something! -_-"' and in the end she bought a death note post card collection. Then we went home to have cakes. Gwyn was the special one! We have cakes with Charmaine and Shanon. For a short while since she needs to go home before 8. But it was really really fun!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010 '
Life is useless
Lol life is like useless. We are all gonna die one day right? They say live life to the fullest but to me life is nothing. Dreams are made to disappear. Promises are made to be broken. I would rather be dead

Saturday, May 22, 2010 '
Lol cut my hair this afternoon. Use to have shitty 'sidebangs' but i ask my ma to cut straight bangs to me so when it grow long in the future i can make it to the side again. LOL i look so retarded. The bangs didn't look as good as i thought it will be. I wanted it to look like nemu's but turn out look like soifon's. Hell!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 '
Yoruichi's back!
Wow I was hell in good mood today in school. Yoruichi is back in the manga in Bleach and she is fighting the main bad guys. Guess that's the award for appearing for so long??? She was wearing hell sexy armour. Hahaha I pray she will kick ass!

Saturday, May 8, 2010 '
hey, do u guys watch air tv? its really nice and sad and quite funny sometimes. It has only like 13 episodes? The ending song farewell song is really beautiful.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010 '
Wow kinda of never post already. Exams here but I really kana lazy to even read through one page of the text book. And i just can't stop changing my favourite male character in Bleach... Don't cha know wonderweiss is soooo cute! He's a little weird though. I wanna hug him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010 '
Blah Blah Blah...
I just finished watching bleach musical AGAIN AI ya I want to play Hiyori or Yachiru since Everyone complain there should be a Yachiru and since so far theres no musical about vizards so Hiyori will boom! I think I can play Hiyori better coz There is a height difference ya know... Ah I want to be a part of the bleach musical!

Thursday, April 15, 2010 '
I will be a MANGA-KA
Yo I just thought of the plot of my manga's story.
A girl name Lia comes from the Dark world. The world where people who feel life is pathetic and all those go, and there's one advantage of living there, U get a pair of fine black wings, therefore people who live there are called dark angels.
Lia died after being constantly abused by her mother in the real human world. She is adopted by the Mitsune family, becoming their eldest daughter and the sister of Hikari Mitsune. She has to become a dark usher, going to the real world and killing people who feel pathetic and sending them to the dark world. The mitsune family, including her sister Hikari had managed to become a formal Dark Usher. But because of her kind character, Lia is not able to be a formal usher, instead she is still a trainee usher.
One day, she receive a emergency report of a boy named Kentaro attempting to commit suicide. To prevent him from going to hell or heaven, she has to hurry act without her senior who was happen to be having a break. But because of her inexperience, she lost her memory on the way to the human world and the only thing she remember was 'I came because of Kentaro'

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 '
Toushiro is a JERK! I hate hitsugaya toushiro soooo much, wadeva, he is an ASSHOLE! lol NOW I'M OBSSESSED WITH KOMAMURA. He is a fox but can talk and is a shinigami captain. And he's soooo kawaii! My fav characters in order: 1. Definitely Yoruichi Shihouin 2. Nemu she's hot 3. Yachiru sugar baby! 4. Soi fon lesbian to yoruichi like me and 5th Komamura.

Saturday, April 10, 2010 '
Bleach In Chinese
Today i went to buy even more bleach chinese manga. I really love their chinese name! Yoruichi's name is 夜一 pronounced as ye yi. Ye means night and yi means one. I like that name, it rhythms. Yachiru's name is 八千流 ba qian liu. Its means eight thousand flows. Quite nice lah since she beloved ken-chan gave her that name. I like Nemu's name the most. Its 音梦 ying meng. It does not rhythm but its really beautiful. Its somewhat mean musical dream or something like that. ^^

Wednesday, April 7, 2010 '
Little birdies
Today ma told me a baby bird rested on my granny's rose plant. Then it's parents will go around the selegie building and look for food. But somehow the baby went missing. Maybe it fell off the rose plant and died or something like that. Right now i still hear the mother birding chriping and calling out for her baby. Poor thing. God bless them to reunite, or at least let the mother bird forget about everything else.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010 '
Manga studio
My manga studio software expired. Now I've got nothing to draw with.

Monday, March 29, 2010 '
... Sorry, i didn't know what to post here, well.... Konnichi wa, watashiwa Yukino to ii mas! ^^ hehe........ ..... ..... ..... then..... Hajimemashite! ......... Sayonara ne! Ok i noe I'm lame. I saw i had 71 posts and i thought that number wasn't lucky. So...

Sunday, March 28, 2010 '
My cousin sister Geraldine is getting married the 3 week of April. And i am pretty excited about it. This is the second time i am attending a wedding . The 1st time i went was when i am only 4. So not much memories. I bought a one-piece jumper and 1 shirt to wear to the wedding. But i don't really think i would to get married myself.Seriously.

Friday, March 26, 2010 '
OMG from yoruichi-san to toushiro-kun! I am now not les obsessed with yoruichi-san anymore. I still like her very much lke before. I am now obsessed with toushiro hitsugaya. Hes really cool and hot! Omg shiro-Chan!!!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010 '
School reopens
I think i am too addicted to bleach. I kana addicted to Yoruichi. She's so hot. But don't worry im only interested in anime people. And I'm not lesbian for hell.

Friday, March 19, 2010 '
Hanging Out
Today went hanging with qi qi and calista at vivo city. We walked around before having lunch and lastly we went to catch a movie- how to train your dragons. Its pretty nice but i still prefer monster vs aliens. And i just realised G-force is not that cool and nice. Pretty boring to me nowadays.Holidays is coming.Crap ms loo! I fell like committing suicide right now bye people!


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